The Portinari Nativity (2012)

(The ruined stable's open to the air, a stage on which the rustic scene plays out.)

...for Jeffrey Skidmore and Ex Cathedra Choir, Birmingham, UK...

Martin, Stephanie (born in 1962) [Canada]

Text by Martin, Cori (born in 19..) [Canada] (2012)
Published by Centre de Musique Canadienne [Canada] , 2012
Number of pages : 4
Type of material: Full score
Copyright : Stephanie Martin
Text in: English
Epoque: 21th century (2011-2020)
Genre-Style-Form: Sacred ; Partsong
Mood of the piece: adoring ; intimate ; calm
Type of Choir: SSATB (div) (5 mixed voices)
Difficulty choir (incr.from 1 to 5): 3
Difficulty conductor (incr.from A to E): C
Tonality: E minor
Duration: 3.5 min.
Liturgical Use: Christmas