Traut Märle


Published by Chester Music Ltd. [Great Britain] , 1983 ; in Chester books of Madrigals no. 3 (46 p.)
Ref. : JWC 55447  (2 p.) , " Desirable women "
Editor or author of the restitution: Petti, Anthony G.
Text in: German
Epoque: 16th century
Genre-Style-Form: Secular ; Madrigal ; Renaissance
Type of Choir: SATB (4 mixed voices)
Tonality: F minor ; F major
Number of verses: 2
Origin: Germany
Musicological Sources: first published in the collection of German songs edited by Georg Forster, and appears in the second volume, published in 1540 under the title "Der Ander Theil, Kurtzweiliger Gutes Frischer Teutscher Liedlein" (complete set of copies in the Universitätsbi
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