Confitemini Domino

Now With One Accord

Costantini, Alessandro (1581?-1657) [Italy]

Arr.: McKelvy, James (1917-2003) [USA]

Published by Mark Foster Music Co [USA] , 1975
Ref. : MF159
Text in: English + adapted in Latin
Epoque: 16 ; 17th century
Genre-Style-Form: Motet ; Sacred ; Baroque ; Renaissance
Type of Choir: SAB OR SAH (3 mixed voices)
Instruments: Piano (ad lib)
Liturgical Use: Thanksgiving
Source of text: Liber Usualis
Alsace, France
Centre de ressources pédagogiques et artistiques
Les Dominicains BP 95 F-68502 GUEBWILLER Cedex      D5.007