Canto da Chuva (Rain Song) (1998)


(Cai, chuvinha cai (Fall, little raindrop fall))

...Commissioned by Robert Green and the Arpeggieauxs...

Pitombeira, Liduino (born in 1962) [Brazil]

Text by Cavalcanti, Maria José Bernades di (born in 1962) [Brazil] (1998)
Adaptor of the text: Skeels, Harry Wilbur (1938-2011) [New Zealand]
Published by Hayo Musikverlag [Germany] , 2003
Ref. : CQ2312  (9 p.)
Type of material: Vocal score
Text in: Portuguese + adapted in English
Epoque: 20 ; 21st century
Genre-Style-Form: Secular ; Partsong
Mood of the piece: pleading
Type of Choir: SATB (4 mixed voices)
Difficulty choir (incr.from 1 to 5): 3
Difficulty conductor (incr.from A to E): B
Duration: 4.0 min.
Origin: Ceará, Brazil
Musicological Sources: Original text and music
Source of text: Original text written by the composer's wife
Comment(s): Brazilian native rhythms and American jazz harmonies blend in this song of the lonely girl who waits for her lover as the parched earth waits for rain.