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O Jesu mi dulcissime

Giovanni Gabrieli (1557-1612)

Original Text

English Translation

Original Text

O Jesu mi dulcissime,
adoro te in stabulo commorantem

O puer dilectissime,
adoro te in praesepio jacentem.

O Christe, rex piissime,
adoremus te in faeno cubantem—
in coelo fulgentem.

O mira Dei pietas,
O singularis caritas,
Christus datus est,
Jesus natus est,
datus est a Patre,
natus est de virgine matre.

O divina ergo proles,
te colimus hic homines
ut veneremur caelites.

English Translation

O my sweetest Jesus,
I worship you abiding in the stable.

O most beloved child,
I worship you lying in the manger.

O Christ, most kindly king,
we worship you sleeping in the hay—
shining in heaven.

O marvelous kindness of God,
O matchless love,
Christ is given,
Jesus is born,
given by the Father,
born of the virgin mother.

O offspring hence divine,
we venerate you here as mortals,
that we may later revere you as immortals.

This piece was performed by the SFBC in A Candlelight Christmas on December 6, 2003.

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