Robin Redbreast
Robin Goch

Melody - Carnarvonshire

English lyrics, 2nd and 3rd verse: Llew Tegid

Welcome Robin with thy greeting,
On the threshold meekly waiting,
To the children's home now enter,
|: From the cold of snow of winter. :|

2. Art thou cold? or art thou hungry?
Pretty Robin, don't be angry,
All the children round thee rally,
|: While the snow is in the valley. :|

3. Come in Robin, do not fear us,
Thy bright eye and chirping cheer us;
Thy sad notes excite our pity,
|: Now the frost begins to bite thee. :|

4. Robin, come and tell thy story,
Leave outside thy care and worry;
Tell the children, Robin dearest,
|: Of the babies in the forest. :|

5. Of the flame that burnt thy bosom,
Of thy wand'rings far and lonesome,
Of thy home among the greenwood,
|: Of thy happy days of childhood. :|

Robin Goch ahr ben uh reehn-yog,
I-thwee uh den vach an oid-og;
Ok un dwed-did un us mah-la
|: My heen ower me thou un i-rah. :|

2. Robin Goch seeth un neh-win-og,
Bron uh rheen-nee ahr uh rheen-yog,
Ok un dwed-did oorth uh mare-ched,
|: Ice-yo twee-mo, ice-yo tahm-med. :|

3. Robin Goch i goice-sigh min-yon,
Un uh roo i dry'd un oy-ree-yon,
Dwade i gwin bob hweer uh bore-rye,
|: My uh ree-oo un brath-ee mode-yi. :|

4. Robin teer'd uh dwade duh han-ness,
Nee thou roo-oo ee gol-on gun-ness,
Teer'd eer coom-nee ak um-dwee-ma,
|: My heen o'er me thou un i-rah. :|

5. Robin Goch more vween duh drud-dar,
Oit feeth-lon-av or holl ah-dar,
My uh guy-av o'er un goo-gee,
|: Tee guy loch-es um-i lech-ee. :|

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