Under Yonder Oaken Tree

Mae Croesawiad Gwraig Y Ty

Melody - "Welcome of the Hostess", Seq. by Lesley Nelson

English words: George Linley

Under yonder oaken tree,
Whose branches oft me shaded;
Elves and fairies dance with glee,
When day's last beam hath faded:
Then while the stars shine brightly,
So airy, gay and sprightly,
'Till Chanticleer tell dawn is near,
They trip it, trip it lightly.
2. Yet no trace of them is seen,
When morning rays are glancing,
Not one footprint on the green
Shows where the elves were dancing:
Oh! where are they abiding?
In what lone valley hiding?
Come next with me and we will see
The fairies homewards gliding.

From The Songs of Wales, 1879

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