Aderyn Du

Melody -

Aderyn du a'i blufyn sidan,
A'i big aur a'i dafod arian,
A ei di dros ta'i i Gydweli,
I holi hynt yr un'rwy'n garu.

2. Un, dou, tri pheth sy'n anodd i mi,
Yw cyfri'r ser pan fo hi'n rhewi,
A doti'n llaw i dwtsh a'r lleard,
A deall meddwl f'annwyl gariad.

Blackbird with silken wings
And golden beak and silver tongue
Will you go for me to Cydweli,
To ask how my love is?

2. One, two, three things are difficult for me:
Counting the stars when it is freezing
Placing my hand so that I can touch the moon,
And understanding the mind of my loved one.

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