A Ring To The Name Of Rose

Melody - George M. Cohan, 1923; Seq. by Don Ferguson

George M. Cohan, 1923

What's in a name? said Shakespeare,
So spoke his boy Romeo
He said a rose would be the same
And smell as sweet by any other name.
I don't agree with Shakespeare
And I'm a real Romeo
I hate to fight with Shakespeare
But there's one thing I know,
There's a ring to the name of Rosie,
A ring ting-a-ling to the name of Rosie.
Other names you may say ring true,
So they do, but they ring for you.
I still cling to the name of Rosie,
There's something to the name of Rosie,
That gives our hearts that ring a Rosie,
Think it sounds so mellow to me and cozy.
Ting-a-ling, ling-a-ling,
There's a ring to the name of Rose.

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