O Lord Of Life

Melody - "Forest Green," traditional English melody

Washington Gladden, 1897

O Lord of life, to Thee we lift our hearts
In praise for those,
Thy prophets, who have shown
Thy gift of grace that ever grows,
Of truth that spreads from shore to shore,
Of wisdom's widening ray,
Of light that shineth more and more
Unto Thy perfect day.
2. Shine forth, O Light, that we may see,
With hearts all unafraid,
The meaning and the mystery of things
That Thou hast made:
Shine forth, and let the darkling past
Beneath Thy beam grow bright;
Shine forth, and touch the future vast
With Thine untroubled light.
3. Light up Thy Word; the fettered page
From killing bondage free;
Light up our way; lead forth this age
Iin love's large liberty.
O Light of light! within us dwell,
Tthrough us Thy radiance pour,
That word and life Thy truths may tell,
And praise Thee evermore.

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