O God, our Father's God, Whose Care

Melody -

University of North Carolina, 1867

O God, our Father's God, whose care,
With blessings fills the circling year,
Rememb'ring Thee in all our ways,
We bring our Annual song of praise.

2. We bless thy name, Almighty God,
Who giv'st us here a sure abode,
For all the favor thou hast shown,
The State and Age we call our own.

3. Here Freedom spreads her banner wide;
Here Learning and Religion guide,
By Heavenly Truth's unfading ray,
Our youth in Wisdom's narrow way.

4. From Thee unnumber'd blessings flow,--
Life, health and strength Thy hands bestow;
And every good Thy creatures share
Springs from Thy providential care.

5. From Thee proceed our social ties,
And all the blessings they comprise;
On Thy support the nations stand,
Obedient to Thy high command.

6. Eternal Source of every joy!
Well may Thy praise our lips employ,
And all our powers unite to bless
The Lord, our Strength and Righteousness.

From American Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 9.

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