The Handsome Cabin Boy

Melody - seq. by Ron Clarke

It's of a pretty fair maid
As you shall understand
She had a mind for roving
Unto a foreign land
Attired in sailor's clothing
She boldly did appear
And engaged with the captain for
To serve him for a year.

2. She engaged with the captain
A cabin boy to be
The wind it was in favour,
They soon put out to sea
The captain's lady being on board
She seemed it to enjoy
So glad the captain had engaged
A handsome cabin boy.

3. So nimble was that pretty maid
And done her duty well
But mark what followed after,
As she herself can tell
The captain with that pretty maid
Did often kiss and toy
For he soon found out the secret of
The handsome cabin boy.

4. Her cheeks appeared like roses
And with her side-locks curled
The sailors ofttimes smiled and said,
He looks just like a girl
But eating captains biscuit
Her colour did destroy
And the waist did swell of pretty Nell
The handsome cabin boy.

5. As through the Bay of Biscay
Their gallant ship did plough
One night among the sailors
There was a pretty row
They bundled from their hammocks,
It did their rest destroy
And they swore about the groaning of
The handsome cabin boy.

6. O doctor, O doctor,
The cabin boy did cry
The sailors swore by all that's good
The cabin boy would die
The doctor ran with all his might
And smiling at the fun
For to think a sailor lad should have
A daughter or a son.

7. The sailors when they heard the joke
They all began to stare
The child belonged to none of them
They solemnly did swear
The lady to the captain said,
My dear I wish you joy
For it's either you or I betrayed
The handsome cabin boy.

8. So they all took up a bumper
And drank success to trade
And likewise to the cabin boy,
Though neither man nor maid
And if the wars should rise again
The sailors to destroy
We'll ship some other sailors like
The handsome cabin boy.

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