Common Sailors

Melody -

I'm the man before the mast
That ploughs the raging sea
And on this simple subject
Will you please enlighten me
Common sailors we are called
Come tell me the reason why
And on this simple subject I'll reply
Don't you call us common sailors anymore
Don't you call us common sailors anymore
Good things to you we bring
Don't you call us common men
We're as good as anybody that's on shore

2. The young girls of this country
Their growing days we bless
We brings them silks and satins
Out of which they makes a dress
To gain the heart of some young man
As fancy dresses do
Don't never despise the sailor boys
That sails the ocean blue

3. The young gents of this country
They're sitting at their ease
Not thinking on the stormy nights
That we spent on the seas
We brings the leaves to make cigars
To decorate their face
They wouldn't call us common
If they were sometimes in our place

4. When speaking of a man ashore
We never hear you say
He's a common this or common that
Be his calling what it may
Be he a travelling tinker,
Or a scavanger, or a sweep
Then why call us common sailors
Who battle with the deep

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