Sink The Bismark

Melody - Johnny Horton, 1960

Tillman Franks and Johnny Horton, 1960

In May of nineteen forty-one the war had just begun
The Germans had the biggest ship that had the biggest guns
The Bismark was the fastest ship that ever sailed the seas
On her deck were guns as big as steers and shells as big as trees.
Out of the cold and foggy night came the British ship the Hood
And ev'ry British seaman, he knew and understood
They had to sink the Bismark, the terror of the sea
Stop those guns as big as steers and those shells as big as trees.
We'll find that German battleship that's makin' such a fuss
We gotta sink the Bismark; cause the world depends on us
Hit the decks a-runnin' boys and spin those guns around
When we find the Bismark we gotta cut her down.

The Hood found the Bismark and on that fatal day
The Bismark started firin' fifteen miles away
"We gotta sink the Bismark" was the battle sound
But when the smoke had cleared away, the mighty Hood went down
For six long days and weary nights they tried to find her trail
Churchill told the people "Put ev'ry ship a-sail
'Cause somewhere on that ocean I know she's gotta be
We gotta sink the Bismark to the bottom of the sea"

The fog was gone the seventh day and they saw the mornin' sun
Ten hours away from homeland the Bismark made its run
The admiral of the British fleet said "Turn those bows around
We found that German battleship and we're gonna cut her down"
The British guns were aimed and the shells were comin' fast
The first shell hit the Bismark, they knew she couldn't last
That mighty German battleship is just a memory
"Sink the Bismark" was the battle cry that shook the seven seas
|: We found that German battleship was makin' such a fuss
We had to sink the Bismark 'cause the world depends on us
We hit the deck a-runnin' and we spun those guns around
Yeah, we found the mighty Bismark and then we cut her down. :|

Many people have the impression this was a song that was popular in WWII. It was written long after the war. I include it only because it has such a catchy tune.

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