Ben Backstay

Melody -

Ben Backstay was our boatswain,
A very merry boy,
For no one half so merrily
Could pipe all hands ahoy,
And when unto his summons
We did not well attend,
No lad than he more merrily,
Could handle the rope's end.
|: Sing chip chow, cherry chow,
Fol di riddle ido. :|

2. While sailing once, our captain,
Who was a jolly dog,
Served out to all the company,
A double share of grog.
Ben Backstay he got tipsy,
All to his heart's content,
And he being half seas over,
Why overboard he went.

3. A shark was on the starboard bow,
Sharks don't on manners stand,
But grapple all they come near,
Just like your sharks on land.
We heaved Ben out some tackling
Of saving him some hope's,
But the shark had bit his head off,
So he couldn't see the ropes.

4. Without his head his ghost appeared
All on the briny lake;
He piped all hands ahoy and cried:
"Lads, warning by me take;
By drinking grog I lost my life,
So, lest my fate you meet,
Why, never mix your liquors, lads,
But always take them neat."

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