Yon Burn Side

Melody - "The Brier Bush"

Robert Tannahill

We'll meet beside the dusky glen, on yon burn side,
Where the bushes form a cosie den, on yon burn side;
Though the broomy knowes be green,
And there we may be seen,
Yet we'll meet--we'll meet at e'en, down by yon burn side.

2. I'll lead you to the birken bower, on yon burn side,
Sae sweetly wove wi' woodbine flower, on yon burn side;
There the busy prying eye,
Ne'er disturbs the lovers' joy,
While in ither's arms they lie, down by yon burn side.

3. Awa', ye rude unfeeling crew, frae yon burn side,-
Those fairy-scenes are no' for you, by yon burn side;
There fancy smooths her theme,
By the sweetly murm'ring stream,
And the rock-lodg'd echoes skim, down by yon burn side.

4. Now the planting taps are ting'd wi' goud, on yon burn-side,
And gloaming draws her foggy shroud o'er yon burn side;--
Far frae the noisy scene,
I'll through the fields alane,
There we'll meet--my ain dear Jean! down by yon burn side.

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