Why Unite to Banish Care?

Melody - "Let us Taste the sparkling Wine"

Robert Tannahill

Why unite to banish Care?
Let him come our joys to share;
Doubly blest our cup shall flow,
When it soothes a brothers woe;
'Twas for this the pow'rs divine
Crown'd our board with generous wine.

2. Far be hence the sordid elf
Who'd claim enjoyment for himself;
Come, the hardy seaman, lame,
The gallant soldier, robb'd of fame;
Welcome all who bear the woes
Of various kind that merit knows.

3. Patriot heroes, doom'd to sigh,
Idle 'neath corruption's eye;
Honest tradesmen, credit-worn,
Pining under fortune's scorn;
Wanting wealth, or lacking fame,
Welcome all that worth can claim.

4. Come, the hoary-headed sage,
Suff'ring more from want than age;
Come, the proud, though needy band,
Starving 'midst a world's regard:
Welcome, welcome, one and all
That feel on this unfeeling ball.

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