When John and I Were Married

Melody - "Clean Pease-strae"

Robert Tannahill

When John and I were married,
Our hau'ding was but sma',
For my minnie, canker't carline,
Wou'd gi'e us nocht ava';
I wair't my fee wi' canny care,
As far as it would gae,
But weel I wat our bridal bed
Was clean pease-strae.
2. Wi' working late and early,
We're come to what you see,
For fortune thrave aneath our hands,
Sae eident aye were we.
The lowe of love made labour light,
I'm sure ye'll find it sae,
When kind ye cuddle down, at e'en,
'Mang clean pease-strae.
3. The rose blooms gay on cairny brae,
As weel's in birken shaw,
And love will lowe in cottage low,
As weel's in lofty ha'.
Sae, lassie, take the lad ye like,
Whate'er your minnie say,
Tho' ye should make your bridal bed
Of clean pease-strae.

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