Melody - "Lass, an I come near thee"

Robert Burns, 1783

'Wha is that at my bower door?
O, wha is it but Findlay!
Then gae your gate, ye'se nae be here,
Indeed maun I! quo Findlay.
What mak ye, sae like a thief?
O come and see! quo Findlay,
Before the morn ye'll work mischief?
Indeed will I!, quo Findlay.
2. Gif I rise and let you in
Let me in! quo Findlay
Ye'll keep me waukin wi' your diin?
Indeed will I! quo Findlay.
In my bower if you should stay
Let me stay! quo Findlay
I fear ye'll bide till break o' day?
Indeed will I! quo Findlay.
3. Here this night if ye remain
I'll remain! quo Findlay
I dread ye'll learn the gate again?
Indeed will I! quo Findlay.
What may pass within this bower
Let it pass! quo Findlay
Ye maun conceal till your last hour
Indeed will I! quo Findlay.

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