The Lassie Gath'ring Nits

A-Gathering Nuts

Melody - "O the Broom", from the middle 17th Century

From the Merry Muses of Caledonia, 1800 edition

There was a lass and a bonnie lass,
A-gathering nits did gang,
And she pu'd them heich, and she pu'd them laich,
And she pu'd them whaur they hang.

2. 'Til tired at length, she laid her doon,
An' slep't the woods amang,
Whan by there came three lusty lads,
Three lusty lads an' strang.

3. Oh the first did kiss her rosy lips,
He thocht is was nae wrang.
The second loos'd her bodice fair,
Fac'd up with London whang.

4. An' what the third did tae the lass,
Is no put in this sang.
But the lassie wauken'd in afright,
An' says, I hae sleep't lang.

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