Thou Bonny Wood of Craigie Lea!

Melody - Set to music by James Barr

Robert Tannahill

|: Thou bonny wood of Craigie lea! :|
Near thee I pass'd life's early day,
And won my Mary's heart in thee.

The broom, the brier, the birken bush,
Bloom bonny o'er thy flow'ry lea;
And a' the sweets that ane can wish
Frae nature's hand, are strew'd on thee.

2. Far ben thy dark green planting's shade,
The cushat croodles am'rously;
The mavis, down thy bughted glade,
Gars echo ring frae ev'ry tree.

3. Awa', ye thoughtless, murd'ring gang,
Wha tear the nestlings ere they flee !
They'll sing you yet a canty sang,
Then, O in pity let them be!

4. When Winter blaws in sleety show'rs
Frae aff the Norland hills sae hie,
He lightly skiffs thy bonny bow'rs,
As laith to harm a flow'r in thee.

5. Though fate should drag me south the line,
Or o'er the wide Atlantic sea,
The happy hours I'll ever mind,
That I in youth ha'e spent in thee.

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