Johnnie Blunt

Melody - Get Up and Bar the Door

There liv'd a man in yonder glen,
And John Blunt was his name, O;
He maks gude maut, and brews gude ale,
And bears a wondrous fame, O.

2. The wind blew in the hallan ae night,
Fu' snell out o'er the moor, O;
"Rise up, rise up, auld Luckie," he says,
"Rise up and bar the door,O."

3. They made a paction 'tween them twa,
They made it firm and sure, O.
Whae'er sud speak the foremost word,
Should rise and bar the door, O.

4. Three travelers that had tint their gate,
As thro' the hills they foor, O,
They airted by the line o' light
Fu' straight to Johnie Blunt's door, O.

5. They haurl'd auld Luckie out o' her bed,
And laid her on the floor, O,
But never a word auld Luckie wad say,
For barrin' o' the door, O.

6. "Ye've eaten my bread, ye hae druken my ale,
And ye'll mak my wife a whore, O,"-
"Aha, Johnie Blunt! ye hae spoke the first word,
Get up and bar the door, O."

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