The False Bride

Melody - Seq. by Ron Clarke

Late 1600's

The week before Easter, the day being fair
The sun shining brightly, cold frost in the air
I went into the forest some flowers to find there
And there I did pick my love a posy.

2. O I loved a lass and I loved her so well
I hated all others who spoke of her ill
But now she's rewarded me well for my love
For she's gone and she's married another.

3. When I saw my love to the church go
With bridesmen and bridesmaids she made a fine show
And I followed on with my heart full of woe
To see my love wed to another.

4. The parson who married them aloud he did cry
All that forbid it I'd have you draw nigh
Thought I to myself I'd have a good reason why
Though I had not the heart to forbid it.

5. And when I saw my love sit down to meat
I sat down beside her but nothing could eat
I thought her sweet company better than meat
Although she was tied to another.

6. And when the bridesmaidens had dressed her for bed
I stepped in amongst them and kissed the bride
And wished that I could have been laid by her side
And by that means I'd got me the favour.

7. The men in yon forest they are asking me
How many wild strawberries grow in the salt-sea
And I answer them back with a tear in my eye
How many ships sail in the forest.

8. Go dig me a grave that is long, wide and deep
And cover it over with flowers so sweet
That I may lay down there and take a long sleep
And that's the best way to forget her.

9. So they've dug him a grave and they've dug it so deep
And they've covered it over with flowers so sweet
And he has lain down there to take a long sleep
And maybe by now he's forgotten.

Claimed by England and Scotland. I put in Scotland because that's where the tune originated.

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