The Piper of Dundee

Melody - Seq. by Barry Taylor

The piper cam' t'our toon,
T'our toon, t'our toon,
The piper cam' t'our toon,
And he played bonnielie!
He played a spring, the laird t'please
A spring brand new from o'er the seas
And then he gave his bags a squeeze,
And played another key!
And wasn'a he a roguie,
A roguie, a roguie?
Wasn'a he a roguie,
The piper o'Dundee?
2. He played the "Welcome o'er the Main"
And "Y'se be fou', but I be fain"
And "Auld Stuart's back again!"
With muckle mirth and glee!
He played "The Kirk," he played "The Queir"
"The Mullin Dhu" and "Chevalier"
And "Lang awa' but welcome here!"
Sae sweet and merrily!

3. It's some got swords, and some got nane,
And some were dancin' mad the lane,
And many a vow of war was ta'en
That night in Amulrie!
There was Tullabardine an' Burleigh,
Stuart, Keith and Ogilvie
And brave Carnegie, wha' but he?
The Piper O'Dundee!

The men mentioned in the text were Jacobite leaders, and Amulrie is a village in Perthshire where secret meetings were held. This song contains many long-forgotten references.

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