The Tinker' Waddin'

Melody- Early 19th Century, Seq. by Ron Clarke

William Watt

On New Year's eve in Glasgow town
When all we had was half a crown,
A bunch of us thought we'd prowl around
And find some fun in Rothsay-O.
We wandered down Victoria Street,
We didn't care much for snow or sleet.
And at half past two, with aching feet,
We found ourselves in Rothsay-O.
A fill-a me do, a fill-a me day
A fill-a me do, me daddy-o
A fill-a me do, a fill-a me day
The day we went to Rothsay-O.

2. This young fellow here who's a bit of a lout
Said he'd treat us all to a pint of stout
So as quick as we could we all set out
To find a pub in Rothsay-O.
Says he, "Me lads, I'd like to sing."
Says I, "You'll not do such a thing."
Says he, "Clear the room and make a ring
And I'll fight yous all in Rothsay-O."

3. We had to find a place to sleep,
We were all too drunk to even creep,
So we found a place that was really cheap
In a boarding house in Rothsay-O.
We all settled down to take our ease
When somebody happened for to sneeze
And wakened half a million fleas
And all the bugs in Rothsay-O.

4. There were several different kinds of pests,
And the ran and jumped inside our vests,
They got in our beards and built their nests
And cried, "Hurrah for Rothsay-O."
Says I, "I think we'll head for home."
And we swore we never more would roam,
We're scratching still as we sing this poem
Of the night we spent in Rothsay-O.

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