O noo I'm tired o my farm work

Melody -

Bothy ballad

O noo I'm tired o my farm work
Noo I'm tired o my labor
I'm goin awa doon tae the games
I'm a try and toss the caber
Wi ma doo dum day ma diddy dum da
Ma diddy dum doo dum diddy o.

2. I gangs doon tae the games park
The first thing I did see
Was twenty kilted Highland lads
A-gathered roon a tree

3. They were frs in their Sunday best
Babies in their prams
But me just like a muckle fool
There in ma knickie tams

4. Then a lassie she cries oot
Jack, she cries tae me
Come show these kilted Highland lads
The way to toss a tree

5. Noo I been fed on tattie kale
I been fed on br(?)
But hoo I'm gaunnie toss this tree
O God he only knows

6. So I taks twa stepd forward
My banes they gan a crack
O and the next thing that I ken
I was lyin on my back

7. Noo I hae courted the maidens
Aroon the barn door
But to lie and cuddle a big pine tree
I never done before

8. For to mak yer fortune at the games
It's a thing ye canna do
So I warn all yous plowman lads
Jus bide behind yer plow

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