Now Winter, Wi' His Cloudy Brow

Melody - "Forneth House"

Robert Tannahill

Now Winter, wi' his cloudy brow,
Is far ayont yon mountains,
And Spring beholds her azure sky
Reflected in the fountains:
Now, on the budding slaethorn bank,
She spreads her early blossom,
And wooes the mirly-breasted birds
To nestle in her bosom.
2. But lately a' was clad wi' snaw,
Sae darksome, dull, and dreary,
Now laverocks sing to hail the spring,
And Nature all is cheery.
Then let us leave the town, my love,
And seek our country dwelling,
Where waving woods, and spreading flow'rs,
On ev'ry side are smiling.
3. We'll tread again the daisied green,
Where first your beauty mov'd me ;
We'll trace again the woodland scene,
Where first ye own'd ye lov'd me:
We soon will view the roses blaw
In a' the charms of fancy,
For doubly dear these pleasures a',
When shar'd with thee, my Nancy.

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