The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre

Melody - Seq. by Pat Van Horn

As I went o'er yon meadow,
And carelessly passed along
I listened with pleasure to Jeannie
Mournfully singing this song.
O, the muckin' o' Geordie's byre,
And swilling the drain so clean
It's caused me to spend the night sleepless,
And brought the salt tears to my e'en.

2. O it wasn't my father's intention,
Nor was it my mother's desire,
That e'er I should puddle my fingers
With the muckin' o' Geordie's byre.

3. My brothers upbraid me daily
For being with Geordie so free.
My sisters they call me hoodwinked
Because he's below my degree.

4. Though the days be ever so dreary,
And the roads be muddy and foul,
I'd aye be going with Geordie
For I like it better than school.

5. And it's well do I love my Geordie,
Although he is cunning and sly.
He calls me his love and his dearie,
And I'm sure that my Geordie loves me.

This is from the singing of Jean Redpath; she says there is a shorter version in Herd's Scottish Songs, vol. 2, 1869, and that there's also a bothy ballad with the same title that's otherwise completely different. - With thanks to Pat Van Horn.

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