Marjory Miller

Melody -

Robert Tannahill

Louder than the trump of fame
Is the voice of Marjory Miller;
Time, the wildest beast can tame,
She's eternally the same:
Loud the mill's incessant clack,
Loud the clank of Vulcan's hammer,
Loud the deep-mouth'd cataract,
But louder far her dinsome clamour!
Nought on earth can equal be
To the noise of Marjory.
2. Calm succeeds the tempest's roar,
Peace does follow war's confusion,
Dogs do bark and soon give o'er,
But she barks for evermore:
Loud's the sounding bleachfield horn,
Bat her voice is ten times louder!
Red's the sun on winter morn,
But her face is ten times redder !
She delights in endless strife,
Lord preserve's from such a wife!

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