Ma Big Kilmarnock Bunnet

Melody -

Fin I was aff to leave the ploo I said to Fairmer Broon
The money that I hae workit for Will you kindly lay it doon
This very day I mean to be In Glesca toon by half past three
I've been a o'er lang a gackie in the country.
Wae ma big Kilmarnock Bunnet As I ran to catch the train
I'll never forget the trick that was played on me by Sandy Laing
He said "mind Jock when ye get tae the toon speir ye for Katie Bain, ma
Loon, she bides at number eichty street in Glesca"

2. Now, when I stepped down off the train the first young man I met
I speired at him quite cheerily, "can ye show me eichty street"
He says, "Dae ye tak me fur a mug" wae that he got me on the lug
And said, "Young man, ye'll meet yer match in Glesca"

3. I met up wae a bonny lass dressed in a strippet frock
She said tae me right cheekily, "Hello is that you, Jock?
Yer big Kilmarnock's awfy plum come oan and staun us a doddle o' rum
And I'll show tae you the muckle sichts o' Glesca"

4. Now the lassie in the strippet frock and her neebur Katie Bain
As long as I live I hope that I will never see them again
They left me wae ma breeks and shirt and big Kilmarnock covert wae dirt
Wae rowin in the muckle streets o' Glesca.

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