Logie O'Buchan

Melody - Also appears as a jig in dance collections

George Halkett, 1736

O Logie O Buchan, O Logie the laird
They have taken away Jemy the delight of the yard
He played on his pipe and his vilot so small
They have taken away Jemy the flower of them all.
|: She's a-thinking long lassie though I gang awa' :|
The summer is coming cold winter is awa'
I'll come back and see you in spite of them all.

2. Oh Sandy has houses and gear and has kye
A house and lands and silver for by
I would sooner take my ain lad with a staff in his hand
Than him with all his houses and land.

3. My daddy looks sulky my mamy 'looks sour
They frown upon Jemy because he is poor
I loved them as well as a daughter should do
But not half so well, my Jemy, as you.

4. I'll sit on my crippy and spin at my wheel
And think on the laddie that I love so weel
We had but one sixpence he broke it in twa
And he gave me one half before he went awa'.

George Halkett was a schoolmaster at Rathen, in Aberdeenshire, and wrote the song over the winter of 1736. This is also mentioned in the "Gems of Scottish Song". He also composed the well-known Jacobite song: "Whirry higs awa, man'".

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