Langsyne, Beside the Woodland Burn

Melody -

Robert Tannahill

Langsyne, beside the woodland burn,
Amang the broom sae yellow,
I lean'd me 'neath the milk-white thorn,
On nature's mossy pillow :
A' 'round my seat the flowers were strew'd,
That frae the wild wood I had pu'd,
To weave mysel' a summer snood,
To pleasure my dear fellow.
2. I twin'd the woodbine round the rose,
Its richer hues to mellow,
Green sprigs of fragrant birk I chose,
To busk the sedge sae yellow :
The craw-flower blue, and meadow-pink,
I wove in primrose-braided link,
But little, little did I think
I should have wove the willow.
3. My bonnie lad was forc'd afar,
Tost on the raging billow;
Perhaps he's fa'en in bloody war,
Or wreck'd on rocky shallow:
Yet aye I hope for his return,
As round our wonted haunts I mourn,
And often by the woodland burn
I pu' the weeping willow.

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