Jenney the Pedler

Amorous Jockey

Melody -

Traditional ballad

When Jockey first I saw, my Soul was charm'd,
To see y bonney Lad so blith, so blith & gay,
My Heart did beat, it being alarm'd,
That I to Jockey nought, nought could Say.
At last I courage tooke, & Passion quite forsooke,
And told y bonney Lad his charms I felt,
He then did smile, with a Pleasing looke,
And told me Jenney in his Arms, his Arms could melt.

This sketched drawing is of a man and woman embrassing each other. A donkey with saddle bags is looking on. On the saddle bags there is some writing: Rayner's ballards for Bunfarder, another bag has Ro-ts Songs for Pedlers, the last bag had C--es Songs for Haukers. The background has a windmill surrounded by trees. The drawing is in color (water color) mostly brown, green, grey and her dress is scarlet.

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