Bonny Winsome Mary

Melody - From a "Gaelic Air", arr. by R.A. Smith

Robert Tannahill

Fortune, frowning most severe,
Forc'd me from my native dwelling,
Parting with my friends so dear,
Cost me many a bitter tear:
But, like the clouds of early day,
Soon my sorrows fled away,
When blooming sweet, and smiling gay,
I met my winsome Mary.
2. Wha can sit with gloomy brow,
Blest with sic a charming lassie?
Native scenes, I think on you.
Yet the change I canna rue;
Wand'ring many a weary mile,
Fortune seem'd to low'r, the while,
But now she's gi'en me, for the toil,
My bonny winsome Mary.
3. Though our riches are but few,
Faithful hove is aye a treasure--
Ever cheery, kind, and true,
Nane but her I e'er can lo'e.
Hear me, a' ye pow'rs above!
Pow'rs of sacred truth and love!
While I live I'll constant prove
To my dear winsome Mary.

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