Companion of my Youthful Sports

Melody - "Gilderoy"

Robert Tannahill

Companion of my youthful sports,
From love and friendship torn,
A victim to the pride of courts,
Thy early death I mourn.
Unshrouded on a foreign shore,
Thou'rt mounld'ring in the clay,
While here tiny weeping friends deplore
Corunna's fatal day.
2. How glows the youthful warrior's mind
With thoughts of laurels won,
But ruthless Ruin lurks behind,
And marks him for her own.
How soon the meteor ray is shed,--
That lures him to his doom,
And dark Oblivion veils his head
In everlasting gloom.

This song was written upon hearing of the death of a friend who died at the Battle of Corunna, during the Peninsular War against Napoleon.

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