Call Jehovah Thy Salvation

Melody -

James Montgomery, 1822 (verses 1-5, doxology added)

Call Jehovah thy salvation,
Rest beneath the Almighty's shade;
In his secret habitation
Dwell, and never be dismayed.

2. There no tumult can alarm thee,
Thou shalt dread no hidden snare;
Guile nor violence can harm thee,
In eternal safeguard there.

3. God shall charge his angel legions
Watch and ward o'er thee to keep,
Though thou walk through hostile regions,
Though in desert wilds thou sleep.

4. Since, with pure and firm affection,
Thou on God hast set thy love,
With the wings of his protection,
He will shield thee from above.

5. Thou shalt call on him in trouble,
He will hearken, he will save;
Here for grief reward thee double,
Crown with life beyond the grave.

Doxology: Praise the Father, earth and heaven,
Praise the Son, the Spirit praise,
As it was, and if be given
Glory through eternal days.

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