Bonnie Light Horseman

Melody -

Come ye maids, wives, and widows, I would have you pay attention
Unto these few words I am now going to mention;
Of a female distracted who is now to wander
She relies upon George for the loss of her lover.
Broken-hearted I’ll wander for the loss of my lover;
My bonnie light horseman, in the wars he lies slain.

2. When Boney commanded his troops where to stand,
He proud held his banner both glorious and grand;
He fixed the cannons, the victory to gain,
And my bonnie light horseman, in the wars he lies slain.

3. I will dress in man’s apparel; to his reg’ment I will go.
I will be a true soldier, to fight all his foes,
And I’d think it an honour, if I could obtain,
To die in those fields where my true love lies slain.

4. Had I the wings of an eagle, through the air I would fly,
I would fly to the place where my true love doth lie,
And with my fond wings, I would bear on his grave,
And I’d kiss those sweet lips that lie cold as the clay.

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