The Barnyards O'Delgaty

Melody - Seq. by John Renfro Davis

Traditional Bothy ballad

As I gang doon by Turra Market,
Turra Market for tae fee
I fell in wi' a farmer chiel,
Fae the Barnyards O'Delgaty
Luntin addie, turin addie,
Luntin addie turin ae
Luntin lowrin' lowrin' lowrin',
The barnyards o'Delgaty!

2. He promised me the aye best horse
That iver I set my een upon
But when I gat t'his barnyard,
There's naethin' there but skin and bone.

3. The auld black horse sat on her rump,
Th' auld grey mare sat on her wime
And fer all I'd whup an' crack,
They wouldna rise at yokin' time

4. When I gang doon tae Kirk on Sunday,
Many's th' bonny lass I see
Sittin' by her father's side,
Winkin' o'er th' pews at me!

5. Oh I can drink and no be drunk,
And I can fecht an' no be slaun,
And I can lie wi' another man's lass
And still be welcome tae my own!

6. Noo me cannle is brunt oot,
Me snotter's fairly on the wane,
Fare-ye-weel ye Barnyards:
Ye'll niver catch me here again!

A traditional bothy ballad eminating from North East of Scotland. The Delgaty estate is a mile northeast of Turriff.
This song is a parody of life on the farm. Best sung expressively with a good tempo.

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