Peggy Bawn / Peggy Baun / Peggy Bawne / Fair Peggy

Melody - c. 1772, Seq. by Lesley Nelson

As I gaed o'er the Highland hills,
To a farmer's house I came;
The night being dark and something wet
I ventur'd into the same,
Where I was kindly treated,
And a pretty girl I spied,
Who ask'd me if I had a wife?
But marriage I denied.

2. I courted her the lae long night,
'Till near the dawn of day,
When frankly she to me did say,
A-lang wi' thee I'll gae
For Ireland is a fine country,
And the Scots to you are kin,
So I will gang alang with you,
My fortune to begin.

3. Day being come and breakfast o'er,
To the parlour I was ta'en;
The gudeman kindly asked me
If I'd marry his daughter Jane?
Five hundred marks I'll give her,
Beside a piece of lan',
But scarcely had he spoken the word,
Than I thought of Peggy Bawn.

4. Your offer, sir, is very good,
And I thank you, said I,
But I cannot be your son-in-law,
And I'll tell you the reason why:
By bus'ness calleth me in haste,
I am the king's servant bound,
And I must gang awa' this day,
Straight to Edinburgh town.

5. Oh! Peggy Bawn, thou art my own,
Thy heart lies in my breast,
And though we at a distance are,
Yet I love thee still the best;
Although we at a distance are,
And the seas between us roar,
Yet I'll be constant, Peggy Bawn,
To thee forever more.

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