One Night in my Youth

Melody - "The Lass that wears Green"

Robert Tannahill

One night in my youth as I rov'd with my merry pipe,
List'ning the echoes that rung to the tune,
I met with Kitty More, with her two lips so cherry-ripe,
Phelim, says she, give us Ellen Aroon.
Dear Kitty, says I, thou'rt so charmingly free!
Now, if you wilt deign thy sweet voice to the measure,
'Twill make all the echoes run giddy with pleasure,
For none in fair Erin can sing it like thee.

2. My chanter I plied, with me heart beating gaily,
I pip'd up the strain, while so sweetly she sung,
The soft melting melody fill'd all the valley,
The green woods around us in harmony rung,
Methought that she verily charm'd up the moon!
And now as I wander in village or city,
When good people call for some favourite ditty,
I cheer my old heart with sweet Ellen Aroon.

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