The Shepherd of Love

Melody - Albert Simpson Reitz, c. 1911

Albert Simpson Reitz, c. 1911

The Shepherd of Love is seeking the lost
In paths that are rough and steep;
He's calling the lambs that have gone astray,
He's calling, calling His sheep.
Out of your darkness of sin and shame,
Into His love, forever the same,
Come to Him now, believe in His Name,
O answer the call today.

2. The Shepherd of Love knows His sheep by name,
And tenderly leads the way;
O weary one, come to the Shepherd's fold,
He's calling, calling today.

3. The Shepherd of Love our ransom has paid,
And offers salvation free;
He's patiently waiting for thee to come,
He's calling, calling for thee.

4. The Shepherd of Love now looks for His sheep,
He seeks them whate'er the cost;
Behold, He is calling the wand'rer home,
He's calling, calling the lost.

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