O Lord, Whose Bounteous Hand Again

Melody - "All' Ehr' und Lob", from the Kirchengesangbuch, Stra├čburg, 1541; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Unknown, published in 1912

O Lord, whose bounteous hand again
Hath poured Thy gifts in plenty down,
Who all, creation dost sustain
And all the earth with goodness crown,
Lord of the harvest, here we own
Our joy to be Thy gift alone.
2. Oh, may we ne'er with thankless heart
Forget from whom our blessings flow!
Still, Lord, Thy heavenly.grace impart;
Still teach us what to Thee we owe.
Lord, may our lives with fruit divine
Return Thy care and prove us Thine.
3. Lord, grant that we who sow to Thee
With joy in endless life may reap.
Of every heart the Guardian be;
By day and night Thy servants keep
That all to Thee may joy afford
On Thy great harvest-day, O Lord.

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