Now that the Day Hath Reached Its Close

Melody - "Nun sich der Tag geendet hat", Adam Krieger, 1667; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Johann F. Hertzog, 1670, v.9, unknown, 1693; German text

Now that the day has reached its close,
The sun doth shine no more,
In sleep the toil-worn find repose
And all who wept before.

2. But Thou, my God, dost never sleep,
For Thou Thyself art Light;
No darkness, howsoever deep,
Can dim Thy perfect sight.

3. Therefore, O Lord, remember me
Throughout the gloom of night,
Protect Thou me most graciously
And shield me with Thy might.

4. Keep satan's fury far from me
By many an angel arm;
Then shall I be from worry free
And safe from every harm.

5. I know the evil I have done
Doth cry aloud to Thee;
But yet in mercy Thy dear Son
Hath full atoned for me.

6. In Him accepted I shall be
When suppliant at Thy feet,
He is my Surety and my Plea
Before Thy judgment-seat.

7. And so I close my weary eyes,
Sweet peace within my breast,
Why toss about in fears or sighs?
God watches while I rest.

8. Should this night prove the last for me
In this sad vale of cares,
Then lead me, Lord, to dwell with Thee
And all Thy chosen heirs.

9. And thus I live and die to Thee,
Strong Lord of hosts indeed.
In life, in death, deliver me
From every fear and need.

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