In God, My Faithful God

Melody - "Auf meinen lieben Gott", from the Deutsche Lieder, Nürnberg, 1574; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Attributed to Sigismund Weingärtner, 1607; German text

In God, my faithful God,
I trust when dark my road;
Though many woes o'ertake me,
Yet He will not forsake me.
His love it is doth send them
And, when 'tis best, will end them.

2. My sins assail me sore,
But I despair no more.
I build on Christ, who loves me;
From this Rock nothing moves me.
To Him I all surrender,
To Him, my soul's Defender.

3. If death my portion be,
Then death is gain to me
And Christ my Life forever,
From whom death cannot sever.
Come when it may, He'll shield me,
To Him I wholly yield me.

4. O Jesus Christ, my Lord,
So meek in deed and word,
Thou once didst die to save us
Because Thy love would have us
Be heirs of heavenly gladness
When ends this life of sadness.

5. "So be it," then, I say
With all my heart each day.
We, too, dear Lord, adore Thee.
We sing for joy before Thee.
Guide us while here we wander
Until we praise Thee yonder.

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