Father, whose hand hath led me so securely

Melody - "Eirene", Frances R. Havergal, 1871; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Karl J.P. Spitta, 1843; German text

Father, whose hand hath led me so securely,
Father, whose ear hath listened to my prayer,
Father, whose eye hath watched o'er me so surely,
Whose heart hath loved me with a love so rare,

2. Vouchsafe, O heavenly Father, to instruct me
In the straight way wherein I ought to go,
To life eternal and to heaven conduct me,
Through health and sickness, and through weal and woe.

3. O my Redeemer, who hast my redemption
Purchased and paid for by Thy precious blood,
Thereby procuring an entire exemption
From the dread wrath and punishment of God;

4. Thou who hast saved my soul from condemnation,
Redeem it also from the power of sin;
Be thou the Captain still of my salvation,
Through whom alone I can the victory win.

5. O Holy Ghost, who from the Father flowest
And from the Son, oh, teach me how to pray!
Thou, who the love and peace of God bestowest,
With faith and hope inspire and cheer my way.

6. Direct, control, and sanctify each motion
Within my soul and make it thus to be
Prayerful and still and full of deep devotion,
A holy temple, worthy, Lord, of Thee!

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