The Token

Melody - Charles Dibdin, 1740-1814; Seq. by Lesley Nelson

The breeze was fresh, the ship was in stays,
Each breaker hush'd, the shore a haze,
When Jack, no more on duty call'd
His true love's tokens over haul'd;
The broken gold, the braided hair,
The tender motto, writ so fair,
Upon his 'bacco box he views,
Nancy the poet, love the muse,
If you loves I as I loves you,
No pair so happy as we two.

2. The storm, that like the shapeless wreck
Had strew'd with rigging all the deck,
That tars for sharks had giv'n a feast,
And left the ship a hulk had ceas'd:
When Jack, as with his messmates dear.
He shar'd the grog their hearts to cheer,
Took from his 'bacco box a quid,
And spell'd for comfort on the lid,

3. The battle - that with horror grim
Had madly ravag'd life and limb,
Had scupper drenched with human gore
And widow'd many a wife - was o'er:
When Jack to his companions dear
First paid the tribute of a tear;
Then, as his 'bacco-box he held,
Restor'd his comfort as he spelled

4. The voyage, - that had been long and hard,
But that had yielded full reward,
And bought each sailor to his friend
Happy and rich - was at an end:
When Jack, his toils and perils o'er,
Beheld his Nancy on the shore:
He then the 'bacco box display'd,
And cried, and seized the yielding maid,

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