The Sea Is England's Glory

Melody - Stephen R. Glover

J. W. Lake

The sea is England's glory!
The bounding waves her throne;
For ages bright in story,
The ocean is her own.
In war the first, the fearless
Her standard leads the brave,
In peace she reigns so peerless,
The Empress of the wave!
2. The sea is England's splendour!
Her wealth the mighty main;
She is the world's defender;
The humble to sustain;
Her gallant sons in story
Stand bravest of the brave,
Oh! England's strength and glory
Are on her ocean wave!
3. Thou loveliest land of beauty!
Where dwells domestic worth,
Where loyalty and duty
Entwine each heart and hearth!
Thy rock is freedom's pillow
The rampart of the brave,
Oh! long as rolls the billow,
Shall England rule the wave!

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