The Man Is Ever Blest

Melody - "St. Michael", from the Genevan Psalter, 1551; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Isaac Watts, 1719

The man is ever blest
Who shuns the sinners' ways,
Among their counsels never stands,
Nor takes the scorner's place.

2. But makes the Law of God
His study and delight
Amid the labors of the day
And watches of the night.

3. He like a tree shall thrive,
With waters near the root;
Fresh as the leaf his name shall live,
His works are heav'nly fruit.

4. Not so th' ungodly race,
They no such blessings find;
Their hopes shall flee, like empty chaff
Before the driving wind.

5. How shall they bear to stand
Before that judgment-seat,
Where all the saints, at Christ's right hand,
In full assembly meet?

6. He knows, and He approves,
The way the righteous go;
But sinners and their works shall meet
A dreadful overflow.

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