The Law Commands and Makes Us Know

Melody - "Old Hundredth", from the Genevan Psalter,1551; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Isaac Watts, 1709

The Law commands and makes us know
What duties to our God we owe;
But 'tis the Gospel must reveal
Where lies our strength to do His will.

2. The Law discovers guilt and sin,
And shows how vile our hearts have been;
Only the Gospel can express
Forgiving love and cleansing grace.

3. What curses doth the Law denounce
Against the man that fails but once!
But in the Gospel Christ appears
Pard'ning the guilt of num'rous years.

4. My soul, no more attempt to draw
Thy life and comfort from the Law;
Fly to the hope the Gospel gives;
The man that trusts the promise lives.

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