The Brisk And Lively Lad

Melody -

It's of a brisk and lively lad
Came out of Gloucestershire,
And all his full intention was
To court some lady fair,
Her eyes shone bright as the morning light
That doth on the lily lie,
She was grace all in her face
And mixed with modesty.

2. As these two lovers were walking
They knew each other well,
When someone heard them talking
And did her father tell,
And when he came for to hear the same
And to understand the thing,
Then said he 'twill never be
I will part them in the spring.

3. It was in the springtime of the year
There was a press begun,
And all their full intention
Was to press this farmers son,
To press him and to send him far
Over the raging sea,
Where I'm sure he will no more keep
My daughters company.

4. On the twenty-first of August
There was a fight begun,
And foremost in the battle
Did they place that farmers son,
There he received a dreadful wound
In the hollow of the thigh,
Every vein was filled with pain
He got wounded dreadfully.

5. She went straight to the captain
As captains handy mate,
And everything he said to her
She agreed to undertake,
So tenderly she dressed his wounds
Which so bitterly did smart,
Then said he, oh one like thee once
Was mistress of my heart.

6. She went straight to the commander
And offered very fair,
Forty or fifty guineas
Shall buy my love quite clear,
No money shall be wanting
No longer tarry here,
Since 'tis so pray let us go
To Old England we shall steer.

7. She went up to her fathers gate
And stood there for a while,
He said Lord of Heaven bless me
There's my dear and only child,
She said father I have found him
And brought him safe on shore,
We will spend our day in England
Never roam abroad no more.

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